Our History

IMG_0316A group of parents first dreamed of building a Montessori school for the children of the Tri-Cities back in 2012. That dream quickly evolved into a shared vision backed by a fierce determination to turn it into reality. Just a year later, Sagebrush Elementary opened its doors and welcomed the first class of students in the Fall of 2013.

“Having taught Montessori for 27 years in the Tri-Cities, I’m often asked the same questions: ‘Why can’t you start a Montessori Elementary school?’ and ‘Can my child stay for first grade?’ Parents also tell me, ‘My child loves the school and learns so well in this type of program.’ I am thrilled to announce to all Montessori parents that ‘Yes! You now have this choice and take advantage of it!’ We have a wonderful Sagebrush Elementary Montessori school with a highly qualified and experienced teacher.”

Karin Hines, Founder, Director & Primary Teacher, Sagebrush Montessori

Our Mission

Sagebrush Elementary is committed to creating a warm and nurturing environment where we celebrate each child as an individual while embracing religious and cultural differences.  We hope to make a difference through the incorporation of rigorous academics, a keen awareness of nature, a strong sense of service and community involvement, and by developing a lifelong passion for learning.

Our Environmentclassroom

Montessori philosophy encourages schools to recognize the environment is a key element of
learning. This principle led the school’s founders to select and restore a 1950’s firehouse for the school. The main space, that once housed large firetrucks, is now a unique and inviting classroom with loft ceilings, beautiful natural light, and an open air space that allows for the freedom of movement. It is truly an inspirational place to learn.

Our Classrooms

As is traditional in Montessori classrooms, ours are mixed age, allowing for greater opportunities for learning. We started with a small class of first and second graders and have added a grade each year. We now have two classrooms with students in grades 1-5. Our plan is to add one grade each year until we extend through 6th grade.

What Makes Us Unique?

•   Founded by parents and run by a parent-based school board

•   On track to become the only comprehensive Montessori elementary school in the area

•   The only Montessori in the Tri-Cities that is recognized by the prestigious Association Montessori International (AMI)

•  Teachers with AMI certification

•   Both the school and lead teacher are certified by the Washington State Board of Education

•   A registered 501(c)3, i.,e, not-for-profit organization

•   Characterized by religious and cultural diversity

Our Sister School: Sagebrush Montessori

Sagebrush Elementary is proud to be an extension of the high quality Montessori education that children receive from Sagebrush Montessori. The preschool and kindergarten program was established over 20 years ago by Karin Hines, an AMI certified guide and the school’s owner and director. Through the founding process, Sagebrush Elementary’s founding members relied heavily on Karin’s experience as they worked to shape the school and establish standards for quality. Today, Sagebrush Montessori and Sagebrush Elementary continue to grow and thrive together.