Sagebrush Elementary will begin the admissions process for the 2018-2019 school year in January 2018 for grades 1 through 6.

The goal in the admissions process is to work closely with families to determine whether our program and philosophy is a good fit with your goals and family values. Montessori education is concerned with the development of the whole child and our methods are most successful when there is a high degree of congruence between home and school expectations.


All prospective parents must observe a classroom in session. We strongly feel that parents cannot make a decision on their child’s education without first experiencing the classroom environment. After the observation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your impressions and questions with the Lead Teacher or a member of the Administrative Staff either in person or via a follow up phone call.

Observations for prospective families will be held January 23rd through February 2nd. Observation times are available by appointment only. Please call or email the school to schedule.

Wait List Form

Forms are distributed after the observation. When you have gathered enough information to make an informed decisions, you may submit the form and the $25 non-refundable application fee.


The lead teacher would like the opportunity to visit with all prospective families during the registration process.  If she or he has been unable to have a conversation with you before or after observations, we will contact you to schedule an interview.


Admissions decisions for the new school year are made in early March. Placement decisions are made by the administration in partnership with our teachers. We attempt to balance age, gender and the diverse needs of our student body in admitting children. Information gathered from paperwork and conversations with parents will assist us in finding the best placement for your child.  Please note any special considerations that may be useful in this process. New students are considered for admittance according to the following priority:

  1. Younger siblings of currently enrolled students, or those who attended previously.
  2. Current and former students of Sagebrush Montessori and/or Sagebrush Elementary.
  3. New students according to space available for their age, gender and the order (date) in which they applied.

Notification of Admission Status

You will be notified by mail of your child’s admissions status by the beginning of March.

Registration:  If admitted, you will be sent registration materials (an enrollment contract and participation agreement).  Please return both forms within two weeks with the tuition deposit ($525) and the registration fee ($150) to reserve your child’s space.  Registered students will have a visit to the classroom in May to help them become familiar and comfortable with the school.  The Lead Guide will contact families directly to schedule the visitation.  Families also will have an Open House to look forward to as well as additional packet of materials and information sent in August.

Wait List Option:  If we are unable to offer an admissions slot at this time, you may choose to remain on the wait list in case of future openings.  It is usually the case that there will be some turn over between Spring and the beginning of school in September.  If you remain on the wait list, you will be contacted as soon as such an opening occurs.


Monthly tuition is $525 (August-June) in addition to a $150 registration fee (due upon registration) and a $200 curriculum/supplies fee that is due on the first day of school.

Register, learn more

If you have questions about the school or the wait list process, please call us at (509) 713-7322, or email us at:  We are always happy to speak with interested families.


“Having taught Montessori for 27 years in the Tri-Cities, I’m often asked the same questions: ‘Why can’t you start a Montessori Elementary school?’ and ‘Can my child stay for first grade?’ Parents also tell me, ‘My child loves the school and learns so well in this type of program.’ I am thrilled to announce to all Montessori parents that ‘Yes! You now have this choice and take advantage of it!’ We have a wonderful Sagebrush Elementary Montessori school starting this fall, with a highly qualified and experienced teacher.”

Karin Hines, Founder, Director & Primary Teacher, Sagebrush Montessori


Please note that Sagebrush Elementary complies with all State and Federal rules and regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or military status. This holds true for all Sagebrush Elementary School employment and educational programs.