Greetings from the classroom! I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend and a well deserved rest this Labor Day.

We had a wonderful start to the school year this past week! The children are eager to absorb the class culture and to learn new things with friends. First level students have been learning all about record keeping, cursive handwriting, and the decimal system. Some children have studied animals with the question answer game (how do they move?) or looked at where our bread comes from.  Everyone really enjoyed the great story of “The Coming of the Universe” in which we heard about the origins of the universe and discussed introductory ideas surrounding solids, liquids and gases.
Second level students are eager to start taking spelling tests – we will have our first practice test on Tuesday! They are also excited to get their new spelling dictionaries (used to help them correct their own work). In other areas, we have been learning about the Sun, Earth and the alignment of the planets, the life of Maria Montessori, parts of triangles, and interesting place, plants and animals that can be found in North America. The level two students have been very helpful with the younger students and already they are shaping up to be excellent role models.
Here are a few details to help keep you organized as we move forward into the month…
Back to School Night – 9/14/16 @ 7pm
Join me and Tessa for back to school night on September 14th! This is a great opportunity to connect with parents and staff, hear about important school policies and talk about a variety of events coming up this school year. Please remember that this is a parent only event.
Did you forget the date of an upcoming parent night? Or a field trip? Can’t find that school calendar? No worries! You can find it all, along with a printable monthly calendar, on the school’s website at
Email List
This is my first time emailing everyone this year! Please email me if you would like to use a different email address or wish to remove an email address. Check in with your spouse or co-parent to make sure they got the email, too (incase I typed any addresses in wrong!).
We are in need of a few houseplants for our indoor environment! If your child would like to bring in a potted plant, please let me know.
At Sagebrush we ask parents to help supply snack ingredients for our daily snack preparation. Please watch for “snack request” notes that will come home with your child in the coming weeks. The request will let you know what to bring, how much, and by what date.
Thats all for now! I hope you have a great rest the week!
Samantha May
Lead Guide, Sagebrush Elementary
Class News 9.5.16 (Lower El)